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Foundation Course for Commerce, Management & Computer Science

Silicon City Skill Development Centre

is a unit of M J Education Trust.Silicon City Skill Development Centre (SCSDC) has committed itself as one of the best development centre to develop and enhance skills in various industries in the field of science and technology in Bangalore, in India.
The Development Centre is catering to futuristic needs of life and growth for the candidates not only from India but across the nation and the globe.
Silicon City Skill Development Centre has been established to provide vocational training programs in commerce, automobiles, banking, Insurance and supply chain marketing etc.,as a future in this SCSDC, the students would be representing the cream of the society and therefore will be expected to contribute towards the enhancement of reputation and credibilityof our institution.
The industrial programs we offer will not only provide the students with a wide range of courses to suit their individual needs and ambition, but will also nurture the students sense of purpose and vision and cater to the needs of the Industry.
While redeeming our pledge to reach, educate, inspire, grow and nurture today's generation we heartily welcome the aspiring student who want to create their own future and the parents who desire to seek the best in education and career for their wards to visit us once, personally or online.
SCSDC will continue to dedicate itself to superior training programs to excel student performance to originate different technical training programmes, provide environment to foster creativity, encourage academic and skills achievement and to provide outstanding services and economic development activities to the community. As the chairman of this Institution,I Dr. H M Chandrashekar, look forward to welcome you to our college as a prospective student of SCSDC.

Silicon city Languages Coaching Centre offers three months short-term course and 6 months long term course, and the course is need-based, practically oriented as certified Diploma Courses in Foreign Languages such as French, Arabic, German and English.

This program promotes respect for diversity among students and helps to build a positive self-esteem, and goal setting in the students, encourage the development of leadership skills, enables students to make meaningful contributions to their communities and build a lifelong commitment to the society they live in.